An Open Letter to Luke Wilson’s Agent

Dear whomever books acting jobs for Luke Wilson:

Once upon a time, the youngest Wilson brother was an earnest and endearing character actor who starred in hip films like Bottle Rocket (see trailer below) and The Royal Tenenbaums (nevermind that I sometimes mistake him for Wes Anderson’s other favorite quirky, endearing character actor/leading man, Jason Schwartzman).  In fact, back in those days, it was your client, Luke, that was the more famous Wilson brother.  He was the rising star with the good looks (albeit a strange nose like his brother) and hilarious personality.  Luke was a bigger name than Owen in those days.  Hard to believe now, but you know it was true.

And then it happened.  You started booking poor Luke in jobs befitting semi-recognizable TV sitcom stars looking to make use of their “comedy skills” during their off-months.  My Super-Ex Girlfriend?  Idiocracy?  These are horrible blotches on this remarkably likable guy’s professional resume.

To make matters worse, he’s now starring in the ever-ubiquitous AT&T cell phone ads.  I realize that these ads are meant to be funny, but every time they come on, I find myself saddened by the fact that you have failed to find your client a better job more worthy of his talents.  At his best, Luke Wilson is a delightful character actor of charm and sincerity who’s not afraid to play outrageous characters.  Use this to your advantage.  Quirky is popular these days!  My suggestions?  Why not try to get him a guest-starring role on something like The Office or Modern Family? Both these shows thrive on their more offbeat yet completely endearing supporting characters.  He could be really funny!

In short, please find the man a better job.

A fan,



One Comment

  1. Ha – I just found this post when trying to get a picture of the annoying tool in the at&t ads. He really is, I’m sorry but it suits him. The other Wilson just seems to have a little more humility.


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