Down the Rabbit-hole

Tim Burton is one of the few true auteurs left in Hollywood.  To watch one of his films is to enter into a world that is entirely his own.  His films are full of contrast: grey-scale and vibrant color, darkness and whimsy, macabre and pleasant, real and fantasy.  Audiences react accordingly: either they love his work or they hate it.

I happen to be a big fan of Burton’s films, having seen almost all of them (Though I still haven’t seen Ed Wood).  While I’m far too tired to dissect my favorite of his directorial projects (Edward Scissorhands and the underrated Big Fish among them) in this post, I would like to mention how excited I am that the Museum of Modern Art in New York City is featuring a new exhibit on Burton’s drawings and filmography.  The exhibit runs through April 26, 2010, and “brings together over seven hundred examples of rarely or never-before-seen drawings, paintings, photographs, moving image works, concept art, storyboards, puppets, maquettes, and costumes.”  Luckily, I’m going to be in Manhattan for a week in mid-March, so I’m really looking forward to checking this out!

P.S.—If you’re planning to see the exhibit, the MoMA suggests you purchase your ticket in advance due to the limited gallery occupancy and high number of patrons.

P.P.S.—If you’ve still got a student I.D., use it!  Most of the museums in New York offer good discounts on tickets for students.


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