Johnny Depp LIVES. Phew!

When I logged onto my Twitter account several days ago, my heart literally almost stopped as I looked at the list of trending topics on the right side of my computer screen.  The second most trended topic of the day?


I could feel the tears starting to well up in my eyes.  Was my favorite male actor of all-time really, dare I say, deceased?  I hurriedly clicked on the link and scanned my eyes down the page of tweets.  As I started to read, pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

Apparently, someone had created a fake CNN page claiming the actor had died in a car accident…back in 2004.

It was all quite the elaborate HOAX.  Johnny Depp is alive and well.

The fact that people believed this website simply because it was designed to look like CNN’s and didn’t check the actual web address at the top is kind of ridiculous.  Not only that, but they felt it necessary to nearly cause worldwide female heart failure by creating a Twitter storm announcing the death of our favorite Sexiest Man Alive!  ALWAYS CHECK the web address, people.  It’s the most obvious way to tell fakes.

Anyway, as I looked through the tweets of fans and well-wishers, I was struck by the outpouring of love for Johnny from around the world.  I wasn’t the only one out there who would have been seriously heartbroken by the loss of one of the finest actors of our time (not to mention most smolderingly handsome).  It made me realize how much people like Johnny do affect our lives, whether we realize it or not.  We trust people like him with our emotions every time we pay to see them in movie theatres or on our television screens.  We invite them willingly into our lives to provide us with laughter and tears and maybe even catharsis for situations in our life we can’t really explain.  That’s kind of a beautiful thing, isn’t it?  It’s part of the magic of the arts.

To wrap up, I’m just happy my beloved Johnny Depp is still among the land of the living and ready to promote his upcoming role as the Mad-Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, his seventh collaboration with director Tim Burton.  No doubt it will give us all plenty to talk, or erm, tweet about!



  1. It really is daunting to think about how attached we get to people we don’t even know. The public displays of grief when a celebrity passes are sometimes so huge that you’d think everyone in the world had just lost their mother.

    Think now about all the faceless people who die every day, quietly. I know I don’t cry over them, but I know them just as well as I know these celebrities, which is to say, not at all. The human situation is hilarious.


    1. Isn’t it funny how we think we really DO know celebrities because we follow their lives and careers so closely? It’s ridiculous. However, I DO choose to believe that I could be best friends with some of them…like Neil Patrick Harris!


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