What Kate Does

Okay, so I didn’t exactly ever get around to writing about the season premiere of LOST, but I figure we’ll just let that slide.

SPOILER ALERT!  Do not read any further if you haven’t seen this week’s episode.

“What Kate Does” was, as you already know, a Kate-centric episode.  Though I was excited for another new episode, I have to admit that sometimes in the past, I feel the Kate-centric episodes have been a little slower-moving and less revelatory than many of the other episodes.  This second (or is it third since the premiere was a two-parter but on one night?) episode of season 6 didn’t offer us the same kind of heart-pounding excitement as the season premiere, but it did give us some good moments and a truly phenomenal acting job from one cast member:

  1. Off-Island Kate seemingly had a few moments of deja vu. When she hijacked Claire’s cab at the airport, Kate looked back and saw Jack standing on the curb talking on his cell phone.  She stared at him much longer than you would at stranger.  While she did bump into him on the plane in last week’s ep in order to steal his ball-point pen as a means of picking the lock on her handcuffs, it appeared as if Kate thought she knew Jack from somewhere else.  There was also a moment in the hospital with Claire when Kate looked as though she was trying to remember something as Claire and Dr. Goodspeed (Who else thought it was kind of funny/maybe creepy that Ethan was actually NICE in this alterna-world?) talked about baby Aaron.
  2. Off-Island Claire easily came up with the name Aaron. When Claire was in the hospital and freaking out over her unborn child possibly being in danger, she yelled, “Don’t do anything to hurt my Aaron!”  When Kate asked Claire where she got the name, Claire said it was as if she’d “known it all the time.”  These deja vu-y kind of moments in the Off-Island World make me think the Island castaways and the Off-Island bunch are connected somehow.
  3. Sayid becomes “infected.” Poor Sayid.  This guy never catches a break: Shannon dies, his wife dies, he’s tortured, he gets shot, he actually dies, then he’s brought back to life only to be poked and prodded with flames and ash by Mr. Miyagi (Okay, that’s NOT his actual name, but I like to call him that.  His name is Dogen.) to find out he’s been “infected.”  Could this be the same “infection” Rousseau claimed her husband and team caught before she gunned all of them down back in 1988?
  4. Claire is the new Rousseau. I was stoked to see Island Claire return as a gun-toting jungle guerilla like dear, departed Danielle Rousseau.  Cool!
  5. Josh Holloway made me cry. In a truly heart-wrenching (and in my case, tear-inducing) scene, Sawyer bitterly revealed he was planning on proposing to Juliet before the whole hydrogen-bomb fueled “incident” that led to her tragic (though heroic) demise.  Sawyer, once a self-absorbed con man, has developed over the years into a caring, honest, heroic figure, and Juliet’s death has now pushed him into even darker territory than the one he was faced with before Oceanic 815 crashed.  Never have we seen Sawyer so vulnerable and wounded than in last night’s episode, and that resonated strongly not only in Sawyer but also in Kate.  Josh Holloway has more than proved (Other evidence?  Look no further than his work in season 5.) that he is more than a pretty face with delicious abs; this guy can really, REALLY act.  I have a feeling Sawyer is going to be more unpredictable than ever this season.  There is no greater motivator than the death of a loved one.

Overall, I thought it was a solid episode (albeit one that made me seriously cry).  Hopefully next week will get us back to all the Fake Locke-Ben-Richard drama and more screen time for Sun and Lapidus.  I’m ready for some good, ole smart ass-ery from Ben (nobody could deliver lines like this the way Michael Emerson can).

Only 14 more weeks to go…


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