This Week’s Obsession: Bonnaroo Music Fest 2010

I have a new obsession, and it’s bad: trying to score tickets to the 2010 Bonnaroo Music Festival. This 4-day event is held each year in Manchester, Tennessee, and brings out some of the very best acts in the indie rock scene.  My favorite radio station at home (central Missouri), 102.3 BXR, is currently having a call-in contest to get your name thrown into the mix to win two passes to Bonnaroo.  I have actually been listening to it online and calling in, but to no avail.  I have not been caller 10 (damn you, fast dialers!).

As a rabid follower of the indie music scene, I’ve been dying to go to Bonnaroo for the last several years, but this year’s lineup is pretty spectacular.  A brief sampling of the attending artists include (but are not limited to): Regina Spektor, Phoenix, The Temper Trap (my newest musical interest; look for a review of their debut album soon), Brandi Carlile, Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, Norah Jones, The Avett Brothers, Weezer, OK Go, Ingrid Michaelson, and Conan O’Brien.  For a complete lineup, click here.

Needless to say, my little indie heart is swooning beyond belief.  My generation hasn’t had some big event like Woodstock, but I feel like Bonnaroo may be as close as I could get to experiencing just a taste of that celebration of peace and music back in ’69.  Also, I’m looking to have a little adventure this summer instead of just hanging around my house for three months and being bored in a small town of 12,000 people.

So who wants to go with me?


One Comment

  1. I’ve attended the last 3 Bonnaroo festivals. I used my credit card to get to the first festival (still paying it off) and I won tickets the last 2 years. The key to winning tickets is to find the contests that no one knows about. Last year I won tickets on the Dell Facebook page – the first 5 people to leave a comment “I love Dell” won tickets. There were already 5 comments but I commented anyways. One person got disqualified so they gave the tickets to me. In 2008, I won tickets through Imeem. They had a playlist contest where the most popular playlist won tickets. Only 10 people entered. I posted my playlist on my Myspace page and then spammed hundreds of people. I ended up with 800 plays and won the tickets. I’m trying to win ticket again this year. Each year that I’ve won tickets, I didn’t find out that I won until the week before the festival. It’s hard work finding the contests but it’s worth it. Bonnaroo is amazing!!


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