Finals Week Distractions Day 1: ALIAS pilot

It’s Finals Week for me here at Oklahoma City University, which means that I am looking for distractions from studying and/or packing.  Last week, I spent most of my time writing a 13 1/2 page research paper (12 pages min, 15 pages max) for my music history II class over John Williams and his scores for Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Star Wars (If you want to read it, just head to the comments page of this post and ask).  Needless to say, I also was looking for distractions last week, but those mostly came in the liquid and food varieties (Sonic and Taco Bell are my fastfood kryptonite).

Since I’ve been absolutely abysmal at posting anything new the last few weeks (due to the hectic nature of this time of the semester for all of us college students), I’m going to distract myself at least once a day this week to clue you in to a few of my favorite finals week distractions.

Inevitably, I always wind up starting my yearly viewing of ALIAS during finals week.  It’s my go-to stress reliever; watching Sydney Bristow kick everybody’s ass and save the world.  I love that she’s also a college student just like me, so I feel like if she can jetset around the world looking for Rambaldi artifacts, double-crossing SD-6, killing bad guys all whilst juggling graduate school, then maybe I can make it through all my finals.

Obviously, if I were also jetsetting around the world as a secret double agent whilst also being a college student, I couldn’t tell you lest Arvin Sloane kill you as a “security measure.”  I’d just hate for you to turn out like Sydney’s dear, departed fiancee Danny (but let’s be honest: Vaughn is way, way hotter).

DISTRACTION ONE:  ALIAS season one pilot, “Truth Be Told”

I’ve embedded part one of the pilot above.  You can watch the rest on YouTube (or Netflix or from Blockbuster or wherever else people get their DVDs nowadays).  I promise you’ll get hooked.


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