Finals Week Distractions Day 3: Birdemic Trailer

Today’s Finals Week Distraction is going to make you howl with laughter. 

Since my mom emailed me the link to this movie trailer, I have been obsessively watching it the last several days.  The trailer (which I’ve embedded below for your viewing pleasure) is for an independent romantic-horror-thriller entitled Birdemic: Shock and Terror.  The premise basically is about what would happen if the birds from The Birds (Hitchcock is probably rolling in his grave right now) were genetically mutated to attack with fire and acid.  The trailer features possibly the worst acting I’ve ever seen coupled with amateurish CGI.  The whole thing looks like it was shot at a Motel 6.  James Ngyuen, the writer-director,  tried to submit it to Sundance, but it was rejected.  After watching the trailer, I can’t imagine why! (note my sarcasm, please)

For some reason, I can’t stop watching it.  It’s so bad, I feel the need to actually find this movie and rent it just to experience the sheer awfulness of the whole thing.  I laugh so hard watching the trailer that I can only imagine what would happen if I were to see the whole movie.

Watch and enjoy.  My favorite part is toward the end where the three lead actors are swatting at the CGI birds with coat hangers.  Classic.


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