A LOST Goodbye That’s Not Sad

With my favorite TV show ever, LOST, ending this Sunday (with a 2-hr recap and 2 1/2 hr series finale PLUS Jimmy Kimmel’s special afterwards with the LOST cast), I’ve been in a melancholy mood the last week or so.

Thankfully, a really smart person out there on the internet created this video which features every shirtless male moment on the show over the last six seasons.  You’ll notice Josh Holloway’s Sawyer is featured the most from swimming in the ocean to trekking through the jungle.  Yummmm.  My other favorite shirtless male is Henry Ian Cusick’s Desmond seen doing pull-ups among other things.  I’d see you in any life, brotha.

It’s nice to have a light-hearted moment with my boys of LOST before the inevitably intense (and intensely emotional) series finale on Sunday.

I think I’m just going to go watch that video a couple hundred more times, if you don’t mind.


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