2: “I wanna lose three pounds…”

REGINA: It’s called the South Beach Fat Flush and all you drink is cranberry juice for 72 hours.

AARON: Lemme see that… this isn’t even cranberry juice, it’s cranberry juice cocktail. It’s all sugar.

REGINA: I wanna lose three pounds.

KAREN: Oh my god, you’re so skinny!

REGINA: Shut up.

As anyone who went to high school within the last ten years can tell you, the dialogue above is from the 2004 classic teen movie Mean Girls.  I’ve been thinking a lot about losing weight today, or at least, trimming pounds from my life.  Okay, specifically three areas: my body, my closet, and my hair.

When we think of weight loss, we primarily think of the act of shedding pounds of fat from our bodies through diet and exercise (and hopefully not through eating disorders, which is extremely unhealthy).  As an actor, I’m expected to maintain a certain look and weight that fits with my “type.”  Obviously, there are both healthy, fit examples (Jennifer Garner comes to mind) and unhealthy, scarily thin examples (a good majority of Hollywood).  I have always been a weight-conscious person (as a lot of young women are, unfortunately), and these last few years of college especially, I have been forced to keep constant tabs on my weight through dance department weigh-ins and Broadway workshops where we were essentially told to lose weight and buff up.  It also doesn’t help being inundated with images of rail-thin women on television, in movies, and magazine photo spreads.  I’m an enneagram type 3 (something we’ll discuss another time, I’m sure), and one of our major flaws is an obsession with weight and appearance.  While I’m conscious of this, my main goal is to simply be more fit and toned, and if I lose weight or inches as a result, then cool.  One of my big goals over the summer before I move to New York is to hit the gym 4-5 times a week in order to lay a good physical foundation for myself; a Broadway-ready body, if you will.  I’ve always been tall and thin, but I’m trying to tone up some areas of my body that I feel could use some improvement.  I’ve been hitting the gym pretty consistently this past semester, and I can already see some good results.  I hit the gym at my dad’s university today for an hour, my third straight day of going this week, and successfully burned a lot of calories (in addition to fending off the wandering eyes of the somewhat cute male athletes who like to stare at my ass while I’m on the treadmill…sigh).  I’m going again tomorrow before I spend the evening with my best friend Nicole, simply to lay more groundwork for the physical transformation I’m working towards this summer.

Another area in my life that needs trimming of pounds is my closet and my dresser drawers (something I brought up in the last post, which you can read here).  I started going through a lot of my old clothes today, taking a trip down memory lane with each t-shirt I pulled from my drawers.  Here was the all-state choir shirt from 2007.  There was the old dance recital shirt from 1996.  It was funny at times to see my life as a collection of t-shirts.  Getting rid of so many of these old t-shirts feels like getting rid of my past.  However, it’s something that has to be done…NEEDS to be done, and while sorting through and letting go of the past is never easy, it’s something we all have to do at some point in our lives.

The other area of my life I trimmed today was my hair.  It was kind of the highlight of my day (as lame as that sounds).  I hadn’t got it cut since Christmas break, and it had grown a tremendous amount.  While I didn’t mind the length, it was getting heavy on my neck, because I have thick hair.  I feel like I lost three pounds, and THAT is something of which Regina George would surely approve.


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