10: Dancing ‘Til the World Ends

Obviously since it’s past 6 pm on every coast of the United States, and we’re still here, the predicted “rapture” did NOT happen.  However, I’ll still dance til the world ends if Britney Spears asks me to join her.

In lieu of going to the gym on Friday, I decided to change up my schedule and head to the dance studio.  My friend Nicole teaches classes at a local dance studio and asked me to choreograph a tap audition combination for her older girls because in her words, “tap is not my forte.”  I’ll admit I was a little bored with my usual elliptical/treadmill/abs workout this week, so dancing and choreographing sounded completely appetizing to my body and brain.

Though I had a specific project to work on, I also decided to fool around with some modern/contemporary choreography too just because.  After a nice warm-up of stretches, cardio, and abs, I put on some music and just started playing around with some steps.  It felt so wonderful to just dance how I wanted to dance without someone telling me what to do in some specific style.  I didn’t realize how much I had missed choreographing and dancing for myself until yesterday afternoon.  Choreography is really something I love putting together, because it challenges my brain and my body to do something different and interesting.

After fooling around a little bit for myself, I threw on my tap shoes and put some music on.  I wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking for with the audition piece for Nicole, so I tried freestyling to several different things from Lady Gaga to Motown to Cyndi Lauper.  Finally, I put on Christina Aguilera’s song “Candyman” from her Back to Basics album (one of my all-time FAVORITES).  It’s very 1940s with a great beat.  Almost immediately, steps started clicking into place, and within a matter of 20 minutes, I had mapped out a short, fast combo for Nicole’s students.  It just goes to show how the right piece of music can really inspire the choreography.

Later in the evening, I wolfed down quite a bit of Mexican food with my family and some family friends, topping it off with four margaritas (well, two JUMBO ones, which are actually the equivalent of four smaller margs).  I got a little tipsy and started texting my best friend, Hassan, in Tulsa.  The banter was fast, furious, and funny, and thanks to the alcohol I had consumed, I started getting a little sad at the absence of his presence by my side (because we always wind up drunk together).  After I went to see Bridesmaids, which was totally hilarious, we texted until nearly 2 am: me from my bed and him from a drag club.  The fact I wasn’t with him at the drag show, the kind of place we frequented weekly together for the past two years, made me a little sad.  When he texted, “Well, when you come to visit, we will have to come back here and bask in the glory of this trashy mess,” I laughed, but it was tinged with sadness because it will be at least two to three more weeks before I see him.  We haven’t been apart this long since Christmas break, and it’s weird.  We saw each other every single day at school, and now to be apart again just feels unnatural.

Ah well.  Such is life, I suppose.  There are worse things that could happen…like the end of the world.

But I’m not too worried about that.  hahaha.


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