20: Shuffle Ballchange

Wednesday, I helped my best friend Nicole teach the tap routine I came up with to her students at the dance studio where she teaches.  They were having company auditions tonight, so in addition to helping teach (and choreograph, I might add), I also was a guest judge.  The girls are ages 12-16, and though they’re not quite at the level they should be, they work hard and do pretty well.  It wasn’t the easiest combination, but they stuck with it, and overall, I was pleased with their assimilation and progress.

I never really wanted to be a teacher, but I will say that I genuinely enjoy teaching dance classes.  It forces me to hone in all my creative energy into a structured environment (i.e. an actual class) to make it approachable for others to learn.  I like encouraging others to study and work on their art, especially when it’s something I can actually help with.

That still doesn’t mean I want to be a teacher, oh practical-minded extended family members of mine.


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