21: I Swear We Were Infinite

Maybe it’s the fact I’m listening to jazz and it’s close to midnight or maybe I’m just really hung up on, well, you know who, but something got me thinking about perfect moments, or at least, moments where you feel infinite.  The future is yours for the taking and the world just seems vast.  I just realized how perfect this one day was that he and I shared a few months ago.

I’m not sure what got me thinking about it today, but I’ve just been thinking about this afternoon we spent together wandering around Greenwich Village over spring break.  Neither of us had really spent any significant amount of time there ever, so we decided to go explore.  I don’t know what it is about the Village, but it’s always been this romantic place in my head.  Maybe it’s the brownstone townhouses and brick streets that zig zag.  Maybe it’s because it’s the place where Bob Dylan created sonic masterpieces of a generation.  Maybe it’s because I listen to so much fucking Simon & Garfunkel.  Whatever the reason, the Village always feels like quintessential New York.

Anyway, we were walking along Bleeker St, just the two of us, laughing while the sounds of a guy playing sax on the street echoed in the background.  Along our walk, we found this hysterically named book shop called the Unimpressive Non-Imperialistic Bargain Book Store (how Greenwich Village!) and went inside.  We weren’t surprised to find a whole section of the tiny shop devoted to Bob Dylan.  We also spotted several copies of the script to Empire Strikes Back, from which we immediately began reading lines aloud, laughing.

We ambled back toward Washington Square Park (one of the prettiest parks in Manhattan, in my opinion), and sat down on the edge of the fountain as a guy played flute and beatboxed at the same time (AWESOME).  We both gave him a dollar.  I only tip street musicians who are either really good or really interesting, and he happened to be both.  All around us, kids were running around playing with their parents, not caring about the chilly weather.  The sounds of traffic hung in the air.  After a few moments of listening to the beatboxing flutist, we moved to a bench on the edge of the park and just sat talking about the future.  Time seemed to stop.  In that instant, I felt as if I could do anything; I felt infinite.  All I wanted to do was keep sitting there on that bench, dreaming about the future while the sights and sounds of New York City surrounded us.  The world felt perfect for those few minutes, just the two of us on that park bench and the gorgeous city of New York.  I could have stayed like that forever.

“…And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.” — the Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky


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