Happy 100

It’s my 100th post!

I guess that means I can be described as “prolific” now, right?  However, I’m not sure since I don’t churn out insipid romance novels every other week like Nicholas Sparks or Danielle Steele.  I’m also pretty sure there are more sequels to the Land Before Time than the number of blog posts I have written, but I don’t use a fact-checker, so that can’t be verified.

I'm as prolific as the Land Before Time and its 345236761 sequels!

I’m as prolific as the Land Before Time and its 345236761 sequels!

Anyway, I think having the semi-discipline to author 100 possibly self-absorbed blog posts begs celebration, don’t you?  I do, and frankly, I’m looking for an excuse to drink the two large bottles of Estonian beer sitting in my fridge that I got sent home with from a catering gig.

So before I set off on my Estonian-fueled Power Hour, I present you with a list of my ten favorite posts from blogging past:

1 – Remember Xanga?  Yeah, I cringe a little bit too thinking about how much of my adolescent self I poured into that Internet relic like I was Winona Ryder in basically every movie Winona Ryder has been in.  I felt ALL the feelings.  Diary of a Mad, White Teenager aka My Xanga Years

2 – Behind every Christmas tree and light display is a frustrated father who just wants his family Christmas to be perfect.  Father Christmas or In Defense of Dads Yelling at the Christmas Lights

3 – From gay boyfriends to terrible first kisses, love often eludes me.  Loves Labours Lost Part I

4 – It’s been said many times, but New York is a city of tremendous highs and lows.  Sometimes they occur all in the same day.  It’s not for nothing Woody Allen was the perfect example of NYC neuroticism.  But…For Every Action, There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction.

5 – Sometimes, one night can be the most magical experience of your young adult life.  LIVE from New York, It’s Saturday Night

6 – Like most little girls, I wanted to be a ballerina when I grew up.  I spent much of my childhood engrossed in tendus, plies, Fonteyn, Baryshnikov, and stories about swan princesses.  But it wound up being A Dream Deferred

7 – Newbies to the City sometimes ask me about good date spots.  I grabbed a gay BFF and had a somewhat, uh, untraditional date.  How to Enjoy the Museum of Natural History On a Date

8 – To quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  Ever feel like literally EVERYONE you know is getting engaged, married, or having babies?  Yeah, me too.  The Day My Facebook (& My Life) Went From Bacchanals to Bridal Showers: A Modern Tale of Growing Up

9 – Sometimes, you gotta live in the woods for two years to get away from it all; at least, that’s what Thoreau and Daniel Day-Lewis think.  But could we really live life like “Walden” in the Era of the Smart Phone?

10 – According to the Captain & Tenille (one of my parents’ favorite 70s pop groups), love will keep us together.  On Valentine’s Day, we all scream and shout about LOVE, but the kind we’re looking for is actually lowercase love.  Not “Muskrat Love,” whatever that is, Captain & Tenille.

So go forth and know me better, man (and woman)!  I can’t promise my next 100 posts won’t be any less self-deprecating and full of obscure pop culture references, but I CAN promise you’ll be entertained (I hope).  I guess it’s time to go find out if this Estonian beer is any good…


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